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We are a global clearinghouse of resources on AI’s impact on art and culture, and the largest community of AI artists in the world.

Our mission:

Humans have used tools to extend their creative capabilities since the stone age. But in the last decade, AI and machine learning has transformed our ability to create more than any time in history. These new technologies not only open new possibilities, but also pose important questions about how we’ll interact with technology now and in the future.

Join us as we take you on a guided tour of artists melding art with machine learning. disrupting the status quo of the traditional art world, and exploring our complicated relationship with machines. showcases pioneering artists who are using Artificial Intelligence to push the boundaries of creativity and investigate the implications of AI on society, art and culture.

Our team:

  • Marnie Benney. Marnie is the Head Curator at in New York City, Head Curator at SciArt Center, Director of North America at Lumen Art Projects, an independent curator and innovation consultant. Her passion is connecting artists at the intersection of art and technology. Contact Marnie to collaborate with or if you’re interested in a curator for exhibitions. Contact Marnie.

  • Pete Kistler. Pete is the Chief Technology Officer at, a Founding Member of Forbes Technology Council, a software designer and machine learning inventor (designed CleanSearch technology, CleanPost technology, CleanImage technology, and Reputation Score technology), and is the Co-Founder at BrandYourself, which uses machine learning to help nearly a million people clean up, protect and improve their online reputation and privacy. Contact Pete.

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