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Call For Artists calls on artists to submit work related to AI and its impact on humanity.

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Throughout history, artists have asked difficult questions to help us understand who we are – and where we’re going.

Today we need their voices more than ever to address what’s been called “the most important invention of humankind.” That invention, Artificial Intelligence, simultaneously offers an unparalleled promise of prosperity – and a potential threat to our way of life.

On one hand, AI may be our best shot at surviving the next millennia: curing diseases, harnessing sustainable energy, purifying water, providing food and shelter for billions, even developing interstellar space travel.

On the other hand, leading minds like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have publicly declared AI a top existential threat to humanity. The reason is simple: AI inherently lacks human values. Its goal-driven behavior, optimized for a specific outcome, may not always align with our best intentions

How can we co-exist with intelligent machines? How can we usher in an age of prosperity, not peril? Outside the walls of tech giants, how will AI impact our art, our science, our relationships, and our societies?

The human story of our relationship to AI needs to be imagined, discussed and widespread so that we can navigate the pitfalls and potentials ahead. has announced an open call for work that addresses these issues. We want to bring conversations out of the research labs of tech giants and into the broader public domain. 

We need a diverse and inclusive set of voices to ask pertinent questions, highlight important issues, and explore how AI may shape our world. 

Join us in showing the world the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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