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Christian Mio Loclair

Christian “Mio” Loclair is a media artist from Berlin who explores the harmonic friction of human nature colliding with digital aesthetics.

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Using cutting edge technology in interactive installations, audio-visual experiences, visual narratives and dance performances, Mio continuously illuminates the beauty and drama of human identity. He publishes his work on mobile applications, digital projections and theater stages around the world for independent and commissioned projects.

Selected AI Artworks:



Narciss is the first machine which thinks about itself. An artificial intelligence placed in front of a mirror, an experiment of digital consciousness raising a question at the core of human existence: “Who am I ?”.

Narciss combines Alan Turing’s imitation principle with the concept of narrative identity. As we observe an AI whose only purpose is to investigate its own existence, we witness a synthetic model of self-awareness, a fragment of artificial narcissism and a fictional character in its own autobiographic narrations.


Blackberry Winter

Blackberry Winter is a triptych investigating artificial human motion. It displays the exploration process of an artificial intelligence making sense of the volumes and movements of the human body, using a custom GAN technology. Three choreographies emerge, interpreting human actions as a continuous walk through a latent space of situations.

Mio on using Artificial Intelligence:

“We are very interested in who we are… So we thought let’s initiate this moment from a digital perspective. What if machines start to wonder about who they are, just like us?”

Mio’s Background:

Mio started his professional career as a dancer and choreographer, while at the same time developing studies and experience in computer science. Experimenting with programming while performing an art form based on human freedom and improvisation, he started to imagine bonds between the two, investigating how technology can be used to stimulate and inspire human expression. Since then his artistic practice has focused on cohabitation, collaboration and mutual influence of technology and humanity.

Mio studied Computer Science at the University Potsdam and Hasso Plattner Institute, specializing in Media Engineering and graduated in Human Computer Interaction (2010). He published the scientific paper Pinchwatch about gestural micro interactions at the Mobile HCI 2010 Lisbon. 

He started dancing in 2001 and went on to win the International Battle of the year (Popping 2007), the Ruhrpott Battle (2007) and the Wutal Battle (2008 Pina Bausch Festival).Mio was chosen to represent Germany at the UK Bboy World Championships (2007, 2010) and portrayed the world champion of hip-hop dance in the US Movie You got Served 2.

Furthermore he choreographed the theater pieces Marionettes, Reflection, Volvere and co-choreographed 110 (Niels Storm Robitzky) and POW_2045 (Raphael Hillebrand).

Mio’s Selected Residencies:

  • Google

  • Mercedes Benz

  • BMW

  • Goethe Institute

  • Porsche

Mio’s Selected Exhibitions:

  • TodayArt Museum Beijing

  • Centre Pompidou

  • Ars Electronica

  • Design Museum London

  • Schauspielhaus Bochum

  • Schauspielhaus Frankurt

  • Kuopio Dance Festival

Mio’s Selected Speaking Engagements:

  • United Nations AI for Good

  • MIT, Hacking Arts

  • SXSW X Mercedes Benz | MeConvention

  • OFFF Festival CDMX

  • House of Beautiful Business

  • Node Festival

  • Fiber Festival

  • KIKK Festival

  • Retune Festival

  • Next Conference

  • Re:puiblica

Mio’s Selected Press:

Learn more about Mio: