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Helena Sarin

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Helena Sarin is a visual artist and software engineer who has always worked with cutting edge technologies. First at Bell Labs, designing commercial communication systems, and for the last few years as an independent consultant, developing computer vision software using deep learning. While she has always worked in tech, she has moonlighted in the applied arts like fashion, food and drink styling and photography. But art and software ran as parallel tracks in her life. Save for the occasional foray into generative art with Processing and computational photography, all her art was analog... until she discovered GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks).

She found that working with generative models is not only challenging but above all exhilarating. With GANs, there is the adventure of new models and new datasets. There is an element of surprise, unlike with any other digital tool. There is a certain unpredictability that inspires, unblocks, and creates something special — something that goes far beyond Instagram/ Photoshop filters or ordinary style transfer. Recently she founded Neural Bricolage Studio to demystify, promote and display AI assisted artwork.

Her AI art was featured in several publications including recently in BBC Futures: The A-Z of how artificial intelligence is changing the world under I, i is for... imagination!

Selected AI artworks:


"troops of tourists come for april flower-viewing oh, they're sparrow-men"

#bashoGAN model trained on blooming trees and a book of haiku.

By Helena Sarin.


Night in the garden, azaleas

By Helena Sarin

Latent Doodles.jpg

Latent Doodles

By Helena Sarin

Happy Nation - the waterpark.jpg

Happy Nation - The Waterpark

By Helena Sarin

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Sarin on using artificial intelligence:

How has AI impacted your creative practice?

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What excites you most about AI as an artist?

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What specific AI / machine learning technologies does you use?

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Learn more about Helena Sarin:

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