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Tega Brain

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Tega Brain is an Australian born artist and environmental engineer, making eccentric engineering. Her work intersects art, ecology, and engineering and takes the form of dysfunctional devices, eccentric infrastructures and experimental information systems.

She has recently exhibited at the Guangzhou Triennial, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, the New Museum, NYC and the Science Gallery in Dublin. Her work has been widely discussed in the press including in the New York Times, Art in America, The Atlantic, NPR, Al Jazeera and The Guardian and in art and technology blogs like the Creators Project and Creative Applications. She has given talks and workshops at museums and festivals like EYEO, TedxSydney and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Tega is an Assistant Professor of Integrated Digital Media, New York University. She works with the Processing Foundation on the Learning to Teach conference series and p5js project. She has been awarded residencies and fellowships at Data & Society, Eyebeam, GASP Public Art Park, the Environmental Health Clinic and the Australia Council for the Arts.

Selected AI projects:

Deep Swamp - Tega Brain.jpg

Deep Swamp

Glass tanks, wetland plant species, gravel, sand, acrylic pipes, shade balls, electronics, misters, lighting, pumps, custom software, 3 channel sound.

Deep Swamp is a triptych of semi-inundated environments that gather together wetland life forms and artificially intelligent software agents.

The 6th Guangzhou Triennial: As We May Think- Feedforward. December 21st - March 10 2019.
Guangdong Museum of Art.

The Environment is Not a System - Tega Brain.png

The Environment is Not a System

Peer-Reviewed Paper Published on APRJA
How do computational technologies shape ecological thought? Brain’s paper highlights the risks of treating the natural world as a system, and the dangers of treating ecosystems as knowable quantified enough to be improved through AI, drawing on examples from both art and science.





News and exhibitions:


  • System Failure. Unfit Bits. MAY 4–25, 2019. Minnesota Street Project.

  • Vienna Biennale for Change. Asunder. MAY 29 – JUNE 10, 2019. Museum of Applied Arts.

  • The New Organs. Is the internet listening in on you? Contribute your story at Commissioned by Mozilla.

  • Device Art Triennale. Being Radiotropic. December 18th - February 15th 2019. Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, Croatia.

  • The 6th Guangzhou Triennial: As We May Think- Feedforward. Deep Swamp. December 21st - March 10 2019. Guangdong Museum of Art.





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